AKS Clinic - Dr. Akhilendra Singh

AKS Clinic - Dr. Akhilendra Singh

AKS Clinic – One Stop Destination For Hair Transplant

In the present times, almost everyone lives a very sedentary life which also lacks proper nutrition. With all of this comes stress and other factors that cause hair fall. But losing hair is like losing confidence. This is why, if you are looking forward to regaining your hair and your confidence, AKS clinic is the best hair transplant clinic in Gurugram. 

Dr. Akhilendra Singh, the founder of AKS Clinic:

He is a consultant dermatologist at AKS Clinic in Gurgaon. AKS clinic offers one of the best skin and hair solutions in the entire country. Dr. Akhilendra Singh offers treatments of vitiligo, melasma, surgeries to lessen the appearance of acne and other scars, pigmentation, botox, and a lot more. One specific area of treatment that he excels in and has made him extremely popular is hair transplant surgery.

Doctor Akhilendra - Award-winning hair transplant Surgeon Delhi NCR uses the latest and best methods like- FUE and DHT to assure excellent results to his patients. He has been one of the pioneers of the FUE method of hair transplant in India and has also upgraded it to make HD FUE possible. The vast experience and knowledge that he has because he was associated with PGI Chandigarh and UCMS & GTB Hospital, New Delhi for five years.

In HD FUE, there is an expulsion of a single live hair follicle to its transplantation into the required spot which makes the entire process extremely clean. This method is being carried out successfully by Dr. Akhilendra Singh and his team at the AKS Clinic.

Dr. Akhilendra Singh- Best Dermatologist in Gurgaon

Dr. Akhilendra Singh- Best Dermatologist in Gurgaon

Dr. Akhilendra Singh has a great deal of knowledge and experience in handling cases related to the fields of clinical dermatology, venereology, complex dermatosurgery, lasers, and advanced cosmetology. He does not limit his knowledge to himself but is also actively involved in organizing various workshops and conferences. He, very frequently, does poster presentations and writes informative articles for various famous publications. He has also been welcomed in a number of global hair transplant gatherings worldwide- both as a speaker and as a surgeon. He keeps updating his technical knowledge too by attending all major informative workshops so that you get the best possible experience when going for a hair transplant. 

The success of a hair transplant surgery depends on a lot of internal body factors and the care and skill with which the surgery is carried out. Dr. Akhilendra Singh and his team at AKS Clinic ensure that the patients receive the best treatment according to their potential and need at the best price. 

The most attractive trait of Dr. Akhilendra Singh is his kindness and his understanding nature which makes his patients feel at ease. All of his expertise and his nature have led him to be on the list of the top surgeons of India. Dr. Akhilendra Singh has also been awarded as the best Dermatologist of Delhi NCR quite a number of times. Many of the famous celebrities have also been treated by Dr. Akhilendra and his team at AKS Clinic.

So if you want your youthful look back with your hair that you can flaunt, you must consult Dr. Akhilendra Singh at AKS Clinic in Gurugram!

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